Alicia Sykes - Hackathon Win List 🏆

Hackathons and coding competitions are an awesome opportunity to try out new tech, meet interesting people, and consume as much free caffeine as possible. They're a lot of fun, and a great learning experience to collaborate with people who have different skill sets, working together to create something awesome.

  • Won 1st place overall + Network Rail and TFL prizes at Infra-hack, London 2019
    • Used computer vision to identify incidents and determine station status, in real-time.
  • Won 1st place overall at StartHack, Switzerland 2019
    • Created Pax, to identify + remove flashes from video footage for photo-sensitive viewers.
  • Got Inteligen Buildings Award (KONE) at Hack Junction, Helsinki 2018
    • Build Elevate-to-Awesome, an IoT app to track and gamify taking the stairs
  • Got BlockChain Award (SwissCom) at StartHack, Switzerland 2018
    • Created UNwasted, a social food dapp to reduce waste, on the Ethereum network
  • Won 1st place overall at StartHack, Switzerland 2016
    • Developed system for real-time sentiment analysis of geographic social media data
  • Won 2nd place at AngelHack and HP sponsor prize Winner, London 2015
    • Created SmartDepart, an alarm to wake you up earlier if there are delays on your commute
  • Won 2nd place at NBC Universal Comcast hackathon, London 2015
    • Created an intelligent movie recommendation engine, implemented as Twitter bot
  • Won 1st place as team at HealthHack, London 2015
    • Build smart watch app for gamifying health tracking
  • Won 2nd place at AngelHack London 2014
    • Created Anti-Theft Charge, Android app that prevents theft while your device is charging
  • Won 2nd place (and Intelligent Headset main prize), DevLab Live London 2014
    • Made CityExplorer, interactive tour guide using accelerometers to determine line of site

Hackathon Win Pictures - Alicia Sykes