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Thank you for the awesome content, is your CSS published anywhere?

Love your stuff.

I often wonder about how I'm spending the time I have in my life too! I find your time-square chart really cool. Always look forward to reading your writing.

Thank you very much, I love Dashy!

Wow, the website looks awesome

I realy like DASHY! Keep up the good work!

I was little bit depressed while am surfing the internet i entered i have been been in positive mood , Hope all best and luck for you Alicia , Professional design and content in way more simple with excellent integrations that what made me feel like that girl from another world god bless you 🙏. Truly Respect

Alicia is awesome!

The site looks great and has useful guides

I love Dashy! Thank you for making it. Everything about Dashy is awesome. I like how much you can do with it. Please keep up the good work!

Hey Alicia, stumbled across your blog via the SN Discord today. I really enjoyed your content. Thanks for sharing all of the great resources!

I really love that someone like you exists , I've been following your blog and github, and your passion and clear way of explaining programming and tech topics is really special. i look forward to viewing your next project/s, keep it up !

great job!