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Thank you for the awesome content, is your CSS published anywhere?

Love your stuff.

I often wonder about how I'm spending the time I have in my life too! I find your time-square chart really cool. Always look forward to reading your writing.

Thank you very much, I love Dashy!

Wow, the website looks awesome

I realy like DASHY! Keep up the good work!

I was little bit depressed while am surfing the internet i entered i have been been in positive mood , Hope all best and luck for you Alicia , Professional design and content in way more simple with excellent integrations that what made me feel like that girl from another world god bless you 🙏. Truly Respect

Alicia is awesome!

The site looks great and has useful guides

I love Dashy! Thank you for making it. Everything about Dashy is awesome. I like how much you can do with it. Please keep up the good work!

Hey Alicia, stumbled across your blog via the SN Discord today. I really enjoyed your content. Thanks for sharing all of the great resources!

I really love that someone like you exists , I've been following your blog and github, and your passion and clear way of explaining programming and tech topics is really special. i look forward to viewing your next project/s, keep it up !

great job!

Awesome blog!

This is so dope wtf

Stumbled across your repo on Githib whilst searching for privacy tools, and was blown away by your work and code. Having all that information in a beautiful js portal is very helpful to onboard new users to better privacy practices I commend your work and will send you a tip as a thank you and incentive to keep doing what you are doing Alicia *hat tip*

Wow, you have an incredible amount of knowledge - thanks for sharing! Keep up your passion and stay hydrated :)

Thanks for the great work! A Squiggle sent me

Thank you so much for the hard work! Dashy's been brilliant for me and seriously de-jankified how I navigate all my self-hosted stuff.


Hello from Portugal your tutorials helped me a lot thank you

Just imagine if every person could do something as useful and meaningful as Alicia has done through this amazing source of information. A huge THANK YOU!

Cool! I love you Alicia!

DASHY is great thanks

I love your style of writing, flair for design and most importantly your content in general about privacy and security. Your tutorials and tools are incredibly useful and I hope life treats you well.

Everything here is just so eye-candy. Love to click around.