Dashy - A Self-Hosted Home Lab Dashboard ๐Ÿš€

Here's a quick project that I built in order to keep track of locally running services on my home lab. It serves as a landing page, to make it easier to navigate to various apps, without having to remember and type IP addresses or URLs.



  • Instant search by name, domain and tags - just start typing
  • Full keyboard shortcuts for navigation, searching and launching
  • Multiple color themes, with easy method for adding more
  • Customizable layout options, and item sizes
  • Quickly preview a website, by holding down the Alt key while clicking, to open it in a resizable pop-up modal
  • Many options for icons, including full Font-Awesome support and the ability to auto-fetch icon from URLs favicon
  • Additional info for each item visible on hover (including opening method icon and description as a tooltip)
  • Option for full-screen background image, custom nav-bar links, and custom footer text
  • User settings stored in local storage and applied on load
  • Encrypted cloud backup and restore feature available
  • Easy single-file YAML-based configuration
  • Small bundle size, fully responsive UI and PWA makes the app easy to use on any device
  • Plus lots more...

Source Code

Source, on GitHub: github.com/Lissy93/dashy

Live Demo

Demo 1 โ”† Demo 2 โ”† Demo 3


Usage Guide

For full setup instructions, see this post, or follow the GitHub readme.


Get the code: git clone git@github.com:Lissy93/dashy.git and cd dashy
Then install the dependencies: yarn


All settings are specified in ./public/conf.yml. You can see a full list of options in the docs, or modify one of these example configs


First build the project, with yarn build, you can then run yarn start to run it. Alternatively use Docker, with docker run -it -p 8080:80 --rm --name my-dashboard lissy93/dashy


Running yarn dev will build, test, lint then start the development server and watch for changes

Similar Apps / Alternatives

There are a few self-hosted web apps, that serve a similar purpose to Dashy. Including, but not limited to: Dashboard, Dash Machine, Heimdall, HomeDash2, Homepage, Homer, Organizr and Simple-Dash


The app makes use of the following components, kudos to their respective authors

And the app itself is built with Vue.js


Licensed under MIT X11, ยฉ Alicia Sykes 2021: https://aliciasykes.com

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